Ydentity NFT and Web3 Identity dApp

Solving the Web’s Identity Crisis

We have provided strategy and blockchain consulting and built the dApp and Ydentity website.

What We Delivered
  • Strategy consulting

  • Blockchain consulting

  • UI/UX design

  • Smart contract development

  • Web application development

  • Website design and development

The Innovation

This technology is going to solve the Web’s identity crisis. Trust and reputation might be restored on web3 when more people use Ydentity NFT as their identity.

Guarantee and protect the right of every natural person or citizen to obtain, own and use a Ydentity NFT, in other words an alternative identity document (Alt-ID) based on signal capture and processing of the attributes of the person by an artificial intelligence unit including copyright attached.

Warrant the principle of neutrality and independence related to individual identity. In alignment with United Nations SDG 16.9 target by 2030 provide legal identity for all including free birth registrations.