We combine customer experience design and digital technology know-how to unearth hidden markets for our clients.

Our team

Gathering of digital experts

We are a close-knit team of experience designers, digital strategists and technology innovators looking to disrupt the status quo.

Our core team have over 25 years of combined industry experience in user experience design, software development and technology consulting. The clients we have worked with come from a wide range of industries, including Gaming, Fintech, Insurtech, Fashion Tech, Healthcare, HR, eCommerce, Retail, and Mining.

Andy To

Tech Lead

Cayden Wong

Data Science Lead

Rita Song

Project Delivery

Sam Cheng

Full-Stack Developer

Elvis Wong

Full-Stack Developer

Natalie Yeung

UI/UX Designer

Suye Young

Product Designer

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White Space Business Innovation

White Space Business Innovation

We believe the Balanced Team Approach can bring out the best version of every project.


More often than not, existing mindsets hold back true digital innovation. Sometimes the only way out is to start from scratch and create a startup to serve potentially unmet demands and become the industry trendsetter. It’s always easier said than done, that is why we are here for you.


We pay close attention to cutting-edge technologies and offer the most fitting technologies for each unique problem. Every unique problem solved has the potential to unlock a whole new customer experience and therefore a whole new market.


We work with people who are ready to pursue the unimaginable which the market might need but hasn’t yet been created. We capture white space business opportunities with you by leveraging our expertise in customer experience design and digital technology know-how.