Lui Che Woo Prize

Building a proprietary CRM System

Building a proprietary CRM System for LUI Che Woo Prize to help manage the end-to-end award life cycle

What we completed
  • UI/UX Design

  • Proprietary CRM Development

  • Deployment and Maintenance of CRM System

A job made for us

Prior to our first meeting, the award management team had been planning the prize structure and the selection process. It becomes apparent immediately to the team that there is a lot of data throughout the entire workflow that needs to be centralised, stored, processed and organised. In order to eliminate unnecessary and fully utilize manual labour, technology plays a crucial part of the project. To support this major project, we were brought on as their technology partner to strategize and implement the entire system. Our technology expertise made us well suited for the task.

Each year over a thousand invitations for award nomination are sent out each year and the number only keeps increasing. In turn, hundreds of submissions are received and collated. Nominations can be submitted through an online platform or offline where the management team would handle them manually through an admin interface. Our experience with big data has enabled us to design a system that can handle large volumes of data as well as having flexibility in terms of administration.

Strive for harmony and betterment of mankind.

Dr. Lui Che Woo, Founder of Lui Che Woo Prize

Expertly crafted interface

The online submission platform is meticulously designed to cater for the award nominators. Through our research, we discovered that the award nominators are generally more senior and less tech savvy. Our experienced UI/UX team, have come up with an interface design specially catered to these personas. Not only is the interface user-friendly, being visually impressive is equally important, as the users are generally global prominent figures.

Our technical team with years of web solution design and development have implemented the web solution. Our implementation has been rigorously tested to ensure that the system is working perfectly with in all browser environments and also the system is easily maintainable. The system has been running continuously since the launch without any downtime.

A complete success

Done in the most efficient way

The system was completed and launched in a short span of 3 months and has been running since then. Progressive updates have been applied throughout the years since there are requirements change. Over the last 5 years, Lui Che Woo Prize have been running successfully on our system.

Impressive Response

The Result

Since 2015, the Lui Che Woo Prize has given recognition to the world most incredible people who dedicate their lives to improve the world we live in. With the CRM system built by us, they processed

> 2000
Nominators Managed
> 6000
Invitations sent
> 800
Nominations Received