NFT meets mainstream fashion

Bringing real value to 100% virtual fashion asset

Fashion has gone increasingly digital over the years, but what we have built with BNV takes it up a notch! 100% virtual fashion products can now be sold as assets with real value, a brand new market will be unlocked and the future fashion consumers will have brand new experiences.

What we completed for the MVP
  • Blockchain consulting

  • Digital Product consulting

  • UI/UX design

  • Smart contract development

  • Web application development

Auctions on BNV Showroom

The Story So Far

BNV 1.0 aimed to digitise the fashion supply chain by bringing in 3D design workflow in order to reduce material waste and production lead time. During one of our project meetings we touched on the topic of NFT back in 2019 which sparked discussions around how we can tokenise 100% digital fashion assets with no physical twins.

It was unthinkable that there can be a market for 100% digital garments that you can only kind of virtually wear. But it is also very clear that Millennials and Gen Z do value all things digital as much as they do physical things if not more. BNV 2.0 was then born with a focus on tokenising 100% 3D virtual fashion products and enable the collection and trading by leveraging blockchain technology.

BNV has got a huge vision on bridging the gap between fashion and metaverses of all shapes and sizes. We at Sensible Lab are honoured to be able continuously contribute to the growth of BNV going forward until the grand vision is achieved!